Why Are We Still Debating Climate Change?

We’ve had some of the craziest weather on record around the country this year. We’re still recovering from devastating hurricanes and floods on top of bad weather from years before. How can people say this isn’t happening? How can people not even want to try and do something about this before it is too late? For the love of everything, why do we have to keep explaining to people that a) there is a difference between climate and weather, and b) the increase in greenhouse gas causes extreme fluctuations in temperature and more severe weather events? Are they dumb, confused, or just stubborn?

I’m in my early twenties. I’d like to be able to live on this planet my whole life and I’d like for that to be a long time. I might want kids someday, and I want them to grow up making snowmen and sledding down hills and being able to go outside in the summer without either bursting into flames or getting skin cancer. I want them to climb trees, drink water out of the tap, and help me plant a vegetable garden. I want their kids to experience that too. Is that too much to ask for?  Our wars have been about access to oil, and they’re going to be about farmland and resources if we don’t start getting our act together!

I don’t understand how anybody was happy about leaving the Paris Accord. We’re one of the world’s leading producers of carbon dioxide but we’re telling the rest of the world – the people who aren’t as lucky as we are to have water coming out of the faucets, without farmland, who are too poor to change their infrastructure easily, that we don’t care about any of it. We have lovely, clean water that we have no interest in keeping pollution free. We have trees and grass and wildlife that we are willing to kill all because of what? We don’t want to upset our Middle Eastern overlords and their pocketbooks? What about the people here – the fishermen, the farmers, the engineers trying to find a solution to the rolling blackouts and storms knocking down power lines in the dead of winter?

Instead of moving forward and possibly leading the world charge on improving the environment for the future, we have crazy old congressmen bringing in snowballs to throw at the Senate President and complaining that global warming can’t possibly exist because winter was cold. Was that guy also on the floor of the senate in the summer complaining that it was hot outside? I know he did this a couple years ago, but he is still in the Senate and he was the CHAIR of the Environmental and Public Works committee in the Senate in 2017. How does somebody get put in charge of something who doesn’t even care about it?

Climate change is a real thing. There is hard data that has been recorded by scientists around the world using all kinds of different equipment. Yearly temperatures have increased in places all over the world. The oceans are warmer. The ice caps are getting smaller. Water levels are rising. Acid levels in water are killing sea creatures and crops are being killed by pH levels in the soil and in rain. Droughts last longer. Extreme weather events are happening more often and are more severe than ever before. Food supplies are getting smaller as the available land to grow them on gets smaller as people require more housing and viable land decreases.

Keep reading this blog to give you ideas to head things in the right direction, with or without our own government’s help.